Bionex Medical Equipment LLC provides periodic inspection of medical equipment, including dental, gynecology, ENT, AED, and ECG equipment & among others. We work closely with all of our customers to develop and deliver solutions that help reduce costs and improve quality so our customers can focus on managing their patients’ health care. To provide customers with labeled equipment, proper documentation, planned preventive maintenance checklists, maintenance policies, and service agreements, Bionex Medical Equipment LLC develops, implements, and manages scheduled preventative maintenance programs.

Repair service and maintenance

We provide breakdown repair services for biomedical equipment. In addition to onsite repairs, we have a fully equipped workshop where all repairs can be performed. Our company provides critical/emergency equipment response services. We calibrate, repair, service, and maintain all kinds of medical equipment in healthcare facilities, beauty salons, laboratories, etc.

Performance verification

This is required when using a measuring instrument in any process, so you can be confident that your results are accurate and within specifications.